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Welcome to Dukeland School. We are Dedicated to developing and creating 21st century literate communicators and confident life long learners.

We believe that education is the foundation of life successes, therefore in our vision to create 21st century communicators and confidence life long learners, the DIS rich curriculum will enable the teachers to encourage, Challenge and support in collaboration with parents for all pupils to refine specific skills and strategies in reading, writing, speaking and listening, inorder to solve problem, make connections and reflect on the numerous and complex issues in life as they may come across.


Great Learning Experience

Our Children are taught in a very conducive environment by qualified and professional teachers. Every child is well monitored to ensure he or she participates.
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Extra Curiricular Activities

Our Extra-Curricular are aimed towards improving the child’s social, mental and physical fitness. These activities usually include field trips, inter house sports, and so on.
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Crossed Section activities

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